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Reworking the Modern Movement
On how to preserve Modern Movement monuments


With this website we would like to introduce you to a programme entitled „Reworking the Modern Movement“. It is an Erasmus Intensive Programme cofunded by the EU. Partners are the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt/Main, the department of architecture, the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and the Eesti Kunstiakadeemia in Tallinn, in cooperation with both docomomo international and docomomo Germany.
Whom do we address? Students coming from various disciplines, from architecture and urbanism, from history of architecture and conservation, from engineering and restoration; students on various levels, from bachelor to master after master; and students from many different countries. We are looking for the specific angle of view, the specific expertise, and the commitment, the students bring with, as much as we want to stress both the specific national and regional contexts and the concepts which cross these borders.

Which is our focus? Our intention is to introduce the students to the Modern Movement, to understand its particularities and appreciate its qualities. As the Modern Movement inevitably goes through many, in part also radical changes, our second intention is to understand better their patterns, in order to formulate strategies to respond to these changes and to investigate techniques to best conserve the Modern Movement monuments. These strategies and techniques reach from repair to reuse and adding to. The term reworking wants to refer to this wide spectrum.

Which Modern Movement are we concentrating on? Also on the Modern Movement monuments of the “heroic” times, but primarily on the later and very late Modern Movement. The theme of our first workshop in Copenhagen was the White Meat Market, which currently is loosing its original functions and its renters. In the second workshop in Pärnu we have studied a social housing from the 1970ies, in soviet times an oasis, which today has to respond to the post-communist times. 

With this focus the teaching needs to investigate the best forms of analysis and value assessment as well as approaches to conservation from repair to reconstruction. Emphasis is given the same time to themes requesting more and more attention, first economy, more precisely the interests of the private market versus the political economy, and second the wide field of sustainability. 

How we do this? The programme starts in the winter term with seminars both in theory and practice and with a fieldtrip, and continues in an e-learning format; in the spring term than the international workshop, accompanied by an international conference on the central workshop theme. This work is presented on our website, and in the form of a brochure. 

So much about the intentions, the focus and the structure of the Erasmus Intensive Programme Reworking the Modern Movement. This website might give you an overview, the brochure can give you more detailed insights. We are looking forward to reading from you. 



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